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The Associazione Balneari Lido di Camaiore is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote the development of beach tourism in Lido di Camaiore and in the Versilia region . Among its goals and objectives, the most relevant ones are as follows:

Development of business strategies and marketing activities aimed at promoting tourism in Versilia

Development of all activities aimed at restoring, mantaining and preserving the coastal beaches and seashore habitat neat and tidy all year-round , providing the most up to date lifesaving expertise in order for tourists to enjoy a safe environment and bathing, guaranteeing disabled people accessibility and mobility to tourist facilities as well as promoting physical and mental wellbeing through the use of natural resources and seawater treatments;

Promotion and development of a model of retail collective purchasing,the so called "group buying" of products and services in order that each member of the Associazione obtains significantly reduced prices and the most favorable conditions;

Structuring of a networking for assistance of best practise :free technical and professional assistance, counselling with leading experts on field to all members , such as safety expertise, quality control and surveying seasoned experts, health care, legal aid ,financial assistance, staff management and so on;

Development of financial relations with banks on site in order for members to obtain easy access to favourable credit terms;

Intervention as credit guarantor for members and associates in case they apply for loans or access to easy credit terms;

Promotion of educational paths through training / advanced courses for members as well as for their staff who can get better acquainted with the current practices, encouraging a career in the tourism industry by supporting and interacting with the many schools for tourism and catering collages of the region;

Fosterage of collaborations with other related tourist and leisure associations for the development of the tourism sector;

Cooperation with the local government ,municipalities, provinces, regions and organizations such as Coast Guards, Emergency Units ( phone no. 118) and other involved at the local level;

Associazione Balneari Lido di Camaiore

Consorzio Riviera Toscana Viale Pistelli, 41 - 55041 Lido di Camaiore LU

Phone.0584-66708 -  e-mail: info@balnearilido.it -  VAT 02246010462